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The FormBalancer is a hydroforming machine that shapes metal sheets into a tool mould by applying very high pressures.

Hydroforming machines

The FormBalancer is a hydroforming machine that shapes metal sheets into a tool mould by applying very high pressures. Pressures up to 4000 bars acting on the formed part have to be produced by high tool closing forces without generating leaks or bending the tool. This task is accomplished by a closing system, the design of which differs substantially from conventional press technology. The advantage lies in a compact design, leading to considerably reduced investment requirements. This design enables system installation at ground level, which significantly reduces installation costs and ensures high flexibility.

Innovative production methods

The FormBalancer hydroforming machine is totally developed by ourselves, and all of its equipment is manufactured at our premises. The FormBalancer can be adapted to customers’ specifications and supplied as a turnkey system at the site of the customer.

FormBalancer key strengths

High flexibility
Flexible component designs offer new possibilities for your own creators and designers.
Complex geometries
Even special materials which are difficult to form can now be formed into complex shapes.
High surface quality
The surface quality of the components is far superior to that achieved with the conventional deep-drawing technique.
Deformation without damage
Pre-treated, i.e. brushed or ground, metal sheets can be formed without damage.
Maximum dimensional stability
Highest dimensional stability after the forming process allows for ideal conditions to perform downstream production processes: for example, laser cutting and laser welding.
Saving up to 80 % on tooling costs
Hydroforming saves your company up to 80 percent in tooling costs, since only one half of the moulding tool is required and often pre-drawing steps are no longer necessary and hence can be omitted.
Cost savings on components
These savings have a massive impact on the costs of the components, particularly in conjunction with new developments, prototypes and small to medium batch sizes.
Reduction of development time

The time reduction in new product development presents a significant cost saving potential. After 6 to 8 weeks, a newly developed component, even if it has a complex shape, can be produced in large batches.

Technical data of the individual FormBalancer machine designs

Production of fuel cells / heat exchangers

The FormBalancer FB– FC series stands for large batch production of bipolar plates for fuel cell stacks as well as for heat exchanger production.
Advantages of the hydroforming process:
  • Material thicknesses: 0.05 – 1.5 mm
  • Materials: stainless steel, titan alloys
  • Delicate channel structures are possible
  • High degrees of forming
  • Uniform distribution of sheet thicknesses
  • Maximum dimensional stability

Endogenous high pressure forming

FormBalancer with optional endogenous high pressure forming (special equipment)

The endogenous high pressure forming technology, which has been known for years, applies high pressure to a hollow body that is open at two ends (e.g. tube) using a fluid. The tube is expanded, and additionally required materials is added using the sealing cylinder to avoid a reduction in wall thickness. In an optimally adjusted process, the raw section reaches its enclosing tool mould. Hence, complex shapes can be produced from – round or square – standard tubular sections.

The FormBalancer is prepared to meet these challenges.

Within 30 minutes, the process can be set up from sheet metal hydroforming to tube hydroforming.

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