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FF Fluid Forming

Hydroforming in perfection


Hydroforming with
FF Fluid Forming

FF Fluid Forming GmbH is a company dedicated to hydroforming. This is a high-pressure forming process similar to the deep-drawing technique. But instead of using a punching tool (punch and die), this process uses a fluid to shape the component towards its final shape. Learn more about the revolutionizing hydroforming process and about our company by reading the sections below.

Advantages of Hydroforming with
FF Fluid Forming

Savings of up to 80 %

  • Only one tool (matrix) is required
  • No hold-down device and punch required
  • Flexible tool insertion system reducing the amount of waste and the manufacturing times
  • Long tool life by gentle deformation

High surface quality

  • Practically no traces of deep drawing because water is used as a medium in the deformation process
  • Brushed and coated materials can be used without problem
  • Very homogeneous thickness distribution of the metal sheets because a uniform pressure is exerted on the surface of the product

Short development time of the tool and prototypes

  • Delivery times of final prototypes usually vary from 6 to 8 weeks
  • Quickly create a final 3D model in cooperation with our experts
  • Our own capacities in the fields of 3D laser processing and 3D measurement speed up the prototype manufacturing process

Complex shapes and
modern design

  • Very small components down to 35 mm and large components up to 1800 mm in length can be processed
  • All materials that are both ductile and malleable are hydroformable materials (sheet metal thicknesses ranging from 0.05 mm to 8 mm)
  • Mating geometries, back-cuts, free-form surfaces, etc. are possible
  • Fully digital process simulation yields insight into feasibility and results to be expected

Become a member of our team!

We are always looking for motivated and committed employees, i.e., people who want to work for the company and support each other. As an innovative company we are permanently seeking to offer our employees not only the necessary know-how but also a dedicated and friendly atmosphere.

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