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Batch production

An innovative solution for batch production

The forming characteristics of the FormBalancer and its efficiency are revolutionizing the forming technology. The system represents a cost-effective solution which has been designed specifically for the production of small to medium quantities (400,000 pieces/year).


The most important performance features of hydroforming using the FormBalancer in batch production:

High dimensional stability of the formed parts

  • Hydroforming ensures high dimensional stability for downstream production processes (for example, laser cutting and laser welding)
  • High dimensional stability and reduced inherent stresses facilitate downstream processes

Good surface finish of the components after the forming process

  • Touch-up or rework is only necessary in extreme cases
  • There are no traces of deep drawing
  • Pre-treated materials, e. g. brushed or ground, can be formed without damage

Optimized distribution of material thicknesses after the high-pressure forming process

  • Inherent stresses in the formed component are reduced
  • This facilitates further processing of the component
  • The FF Fluid Forming process meets the highest demands on material thickness distribution

Particularly suitable for metal sheet thicknesses between 0.05 mm and 8 mm

  • Sophisticated geometries and structures can be formed with highest dimensional stability
  • The uniform distribution of sheet thicknesses in the FF Fluid Forming process helps reduce the material thickness

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