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Fuel Cell

Fluid Forming FormBalancer produziert Bipolarplatten für Brennstoffzellen

Fuel Cell extension for the FormBalancer

With the “Fuel Cell (FC) extension” of our FormBalancer, the range of services of the standard version can be expanded to include the serial production of metallic bipolar plates for fuel cells. The sheet metal blanks are shaped into the desired geometry using water pressures of up to 4000 bar. This forming process takes place fully automatically from the coil in series production. This means that when using a quadruple tool, quantities of around 1,400 pieces per hour can be produced on even the smallest machine. In addition to fully automatic series operation, prototyping or small series can be carried out manually.

The size of the machine varies according to customer needs. This means a cost-efficient solution can be ensured at all times. The machine impresses with its compact design and low weight, so that it can be installed to save space and without a reinforced hall floor. The range of materials that can be used with the FormBalancer is diverse, from aluminum alloys to stainless steels to titanium alloys. The component quality is significantly superior to traditional deep-drawing technology in terms of the excellent surface and high geometric precision.

In contrast to conventional manufacturing processes, the hydroforming tools to be used are significantly cheaper.

Infographic on the production of fuel cells with the FormBalancer

Advantages of the FormBalancer for the production of bipolar plates for fuel cells

Versatile material processing

Enables the production of fuel cells from various materials, including small series and prototyping.

High production capacity

Up to 1,400 parts per hour with quadruple tools on the smallest machines.

Cost efficiency

Cheaper hydroforming tools reduce manufacturing costs.

Precision and quality

High-precision manufacturing with excellent surface quality and dimensional accuracy.

Flexible, compact design

Adaptability to customer needs with space-saving installation.

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