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Attractive possibilities for prototype construction

Special wishes of the customer such as prototyping and modern design make the utilisation of the FormBalancer interesting specifically for medium-size companies. Tryouts manufactured with conventional press technology have so far been very cost-intensive.

The FormBalancer now enables companies to manufacture several prototypes within a very short time at an excellent price-performance ratio. This facilitates the modifications required to increase the efficiency of components in research & development or in the factory. In fact, modern and innovative product design is placing increasingly greater demands on the components and is playing an increasingly important role in the production process.

The FormBalancer is optimally suited to meet the increasing demand in this sector, because it allows manufacturers to make free-form surfaces with the desired surface quality and forming characteristics in a fast, uncomplicated and cost-effective manner.

    The most important performance features of hydroforming using the FormBalancer for component development & prototypes:

    Huge potential for tool cost savings, up to 80%

    Component variants are easy to create

    Short development times since only one half of the moulding tool is required

    The prototype tool can later be used as a tool for batch production

    Manufacturing of complex geometries (free-form surfaces, back-cuts, mating geometries)

    No tests of mechanical punches need to be run

    Different materials can be used in the same tool and die system

    Aluminium, steel sheets, stainless steel, special steel alloys, titan, etc., can be used

    Optimisation of material thicknesses between 0.05 and 8 mm

    The process

    From the idea to the final prototype

    1. Enquiry from customer

    Please send us the 3D data of your component in step format

    2. Simulation

    Our simulation program will allow us to make a first feasibility analysis to assess the mouldability

    3. Tool design

    After the contour is defined, the tool and die system will be designed and manufactured

    4. Forming

    Using our FormBalancer, we will produce the formed part for your prototype

    5. Laser trimming

    After the forming operation has been completed, our 3D laser will perform the trimming operation.

    6. Measurement

    Eventually we will check the dimensional accuracy of your component using a 3D measurement system and write a report for you

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