Fluid forming – the advantages

Difference from conventional tools

Hydroforming is similar to the conventional deep-drawing technique, but has significant advantages for the formed part and keeps the tooling costs and hence the component production costs low. The FormBalancer provides attractive possibilities using cost effective production methods. In this process, we can manufacture special components for every industry. Please convince yourself!

Cost advantages

  • Savings of up to 80 %
  • Only one tool (matrix) is required
  • No hold-down device and punch required
  • Flexible insert system reduces material consumption and manufacturing times
  • Longer tool lives due to less wear and tear

Production and development costs

  • Single cavity easier to produce
  • No time-intensive coordination between punch and cavity
  • Simulation software

High flexibility in processing…

From prototyping up to automated batch production:
Our high-pressure forming technology offers attractive possibilities in terms of price-performance ratio and manufacturing time.

Miscellaneous sizes and complex shapes

  • Flexible designing
  • Counter-shapes
  • Back-cuts

Gleiches Werkzeug für:

  • Different materials
  • Different metal sheet thicknesses 0.05 - 6 mm

Short development phases down to the finished component

Special wishes of the customer such as prototyping and modern design make the utilisation of the FormBalancer interesting specifically for medium-size companies. Tryouts manufactured with conventional press technology have so far been very cost-intensive. Our technology enables several prototypes to be manufactured within a very short time at an excellent price-performance ratio.

Process simulation

Our fully digital process simulation yields insight into feasibility and results to be expected.

Fast and cost-efficient

Simple and fast production of tools.