Hydroforming in perfection

We are a company dedicated to hydroforming. This is a high-pressure forming process similar to the deep-drawing technique. However, the process uses a fluid instead of a punching tool (punch and die) to shape the component towards its final shape. Learn more about the revolutionizing hydroforming process and of course about our company by reading the sections below.

Hydroforming is a high-pressure deformation process that shapes metal sheets into a predefined geometry by using a fluid under high pressure.  Hydroforming is similar to the conventional deep-drawing technique with a counter-mould.

Hydroforming is similar to the conventional deep-drawing technique, but has significant advantages for the formed part and keeps the tooling costs and hence the component production costs low. The FormBalancer provides attractive possibilities using cost effective production methods. In this process, we can manufacture special components for every industry. Please convince yourself!

Almost any industry can benefit from the advantages of the hydroforming process. Again and again companies are faced with the challenge of simultaneously achieving both lower operating costs and innovative solutions for evolutionary advances of their products.