The Company

In 2002 the company FF Fluid Forming GmbH was founded. We are a medium-size company with its seat in Lastrup, a small town in the Cloppenburg district in North Germany.  We successfully managed to focus the know-how gained in the fields of mechanical engineering and hydraulic & electronic closed-loop control systems into the field of sheet metal forming.

With a new machine concept – the FormBalancer – we can apply closing forces of up to 80 000 kN (8000 t) at water forming pressures of up to 4000 bars. This allows the machine to produce metal sheets with complex geometrical structures. Acting on an international level, we have a large pool of know-how and have gained expertise in various fields. Customized solutions are our business.

Below are some company history milestones from the past years:

1st award for the best innovation at the Euroblech
Development of the FormBalancer FB35
Development of the FormBalancer FB42
Entwicklung des FormBalancer FB80
Development of the FormBalancer FB80

Since 1993, the company Wesselmann Engineering has developed, designed and manufactured hydraulic and electronic control systems for renowned national and international corporations. Hydraulic installations and control systems as well as oil supply systems of special and standard designs intended to be incorporated in a system solution are supplied in compliance with the required quality standards.

Many renowned international companies rank among our satisfied customers. But also mid-sized companies have always put their trust in our know-how. Please give us a chance to convince you.

We are always looking for motivated and committed employees, i.e. people who want to work for the company and support each other. As an innovative company we are permanently seeking to offer our employees not only ...