An innovative solution for batch production

The forming characteristics of the FormBalancer and its efficiency are revolutionizing the forming technology.  At the same time, this system is a cost-effective solution which has been designed specifically for the production of small to medium quantities (100,000 pieces/year).

The most important performance features of hydroforming using the FormBalancer in batch production:

High dimensional accuracy of the formed parts

The high-pressure forming operation is only one of several production steps necessary to produce the finished component. Downstream operations, such as automated laser cutting or laser / robot welding, require constant and high dimensional accuracy. It is essential for the calculation of the total cost that these requirements are met.

Good surface finish of the components after the forming process

Touch-up work or fine finishing is no longer required or reduced to a strict minimum. No traces or surface damage, typical for deep-drawing operations, have to be removed or at least only have to be removed very rarely.

Components that are coated in a downstream operation can be manufactured from pre-treated sheet metal. Hence, logistic costs are avoided.

Optimized distribution of material thicknesses after the high-pressure forming process

The formed component has less internal stress, a fact that facilitates further processing of the component and a factor which is specifically required for:

  • Heat exchanger plates
  • Metal bipolar plates for fuel cells

The uniform distribution of sheet thicknesses in the forming process may help reduce the material thickness and hence cut costs.

Particularly suitable for metal sheet thicknesses greater than or equal to 0.05 mm.