The FormBalancer is a hydroforming machine that shapes metal sheets into a tool mould by applying very high pressures. Pressures up to 4000 bars acting on the formed part have to be produced by high tool closing forces without generating leaks or bending the tool. This task is accomplished by a closing system, the design of which differs substantially from conventional press technology.  The advantage lies in a compact design, leading to considerably reduced investment requirements. This design enables system installation at ground level; hence the installation costs are reduced substantially and a high flexibility is ensured.

The FB hydroforming machine is manufactured completely at our premises. The FormBalancer can be adapted to customers specifications and supplied as a turnkey system at the site of the customer.

The production method of the FormBalancer is as innovative as it is versatile, regarding the materials that can be used, their shapes as well as the tools. This forming technique allows also the utilisation of pre-treated materials, which have so far been critical factors in the production of complex geometries. The tools are designed so that also components with counteracting geometries can be manufactured in one operation.  The tool structure consists principally of a pressure plate with or without seal, through which the pressurized fluid for the forming process is pressed, and the tool die (i.e. the negative mould).

The principle of hydroforming allows an excellent degree of forming.  Due to the three-dimensional load applied to the material, components with small to medium drawing depths will show little internal stress and little tendency to return to its original shape when the load is removed.

Technical data

Formbalancer Type FB25 Type FB35 Type FB42 Type FB50
Closing force(kN): 25,000 35,000 42,000 50,000
Table size (mm): 800 x 800 1000 x 1200 1200 x 1200 1200 x 1500
Forming depth (mm): max. 300 max. 450 max. 500 max. 500
Forming pressure* (bars): max. 4000 max. 4000 max. 4000 max. 4000


Formbalancer Type FB60 Type FB80 Type FB80 L Type FB100
Closing force (kN): 60,000 80,000 80,000 100,000
Table size (mm): 1300 x 1600 1500 x 1800 1300 x 2000 1500 x 2000
Forming depth (mm): max. 550 max. 600 max. 600 max. 600
Forming pressure* (bars): max. 4000 max. 3000 max. 3000 max. 3000

*Pressurized medium: oil-water emulsion

The advantages of the FormBalancer at a glance:

  • Flexible component designs offer new possibilities for your creators and designers.
  • Even special materials which are difficult to form can now be formed into complex shapes.
  • The surface quality of the components is far superior to that achieved with the conventional deep-drawing technique.
  • Pre-treated, i.e. brushed or ground, metal sheets can be formed without damage.
  • Highest dimensional accuracy after the forming process allows for ideal conditions to perform downstream production processes: for example, laser cutting and laser welding.
  • Up to 80% savings in tooling costs, since only one half of the moulding tool is required and often pre-drawing steps are no longer necessary and hence can be omitted.
  • These savings have a massive impact on the costs of the components, particularly in conjunction with new developments, prototypes and small to medium batch sizes.
  • The reduced development times for new components present a great potential for cutting costs. After 4 to 6 weeks, a newly developed component, even if it has a complex shape, can be manufactured in large batches.